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TOBE Gallery

Ungheria / Hungary
Bródy Sándor u. 36., 1088, Budapest / Budapest
Tel / Phone: +36204840490

TOBE Gallery focuses on contemporary photography. The gallery opened in October 2013 in the city of Budapest with the aim to provide the opportunity to present mostly Hungarian and Ibero-American artists in whom the ambition for high-quality artistic expression is part of the idea of experimentation in their works. Recognized and emerging artists are exhibited and represented alike. Since 2017 the gallery has been increasing its presence in the international scene attending recognised art fairs and festivals.
The concept for MIA 2023 has as its starting point the 'new documentary', two young Hungarian talents (Bartha, Bede) approach the documentary theme with a very personal sensitivity, generating in the viewer a series of questions, which necessarily lead to reflection. From documentary photography we make a transition to the innovative and experimental perception of the landscape, two established artists (Romero, Talmor) present us through the archaic methods of photography, a totally different perspective of the landscape.


Máté Bartha

Kincső Bede
Three Colours I Know in This World XI

Almudena Romero
Studies on my grandma's garden. Taro Hand

Dafna Talmor
Constructed Landscapes II. Untitled (HA-1212-1