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Japan / Japan
4-31 Kitaishikiri Higashi-Osaka, 5798015, Osaka / Osaka
Tel / Phone: +81 9065024949

SYSTEMA GALLERY introduces artists who create contemporary art using traditional Japanese techniques under the concept of “NEJA-ISM”.
Among them, we show the works of "NEO-IMAGE" artists ( Katsu Ishida / Tsugumi Tanaka / Sennin Maya / Eri Hirachi ) aiming for image innovation.
ー It is “Japanese-Contemporary”.

SYSTEMA GALLERY started with the aim to create a bridge between Japanese artists and global art market. The main gallery is in Osaka and is also based in Kathmandu and Rome. Our gallery focus on “NEJA” artists who base their production on Japanese tradition and draw contemporary art, innovating it.
“NEJA-ism (Neo Japonism)” is a unique art movement deeply rooted in Japanese culture, such as ukiyo-e and subculture, and it is constantly innovating and overwhelming the viewers. SYSTEMA GALLERY has been exhibited in museums, galleries and art fairs around the world and has already been exhibited more than 100 times.


Eri Hirachi, Electronic sphere photography , .

Katsu Ishida, Yura yura, 2014

Sennin Maya, Wing of hanger, 2014

Tsugumi Tanaka, Manazashi, .