Galleria, MIA Fair 2021, Main section

Shtager Gallery

United Kingdom / United Kingdom
Studio 24, Chislhurst, SE17 3AZ, London / London
Tel / Phone: +44(0)7541251979

Shtager Gallery specialises in Russian and International contemporary art and has been active in London from 2017. Bringing the expertise from St Petersburg, the cultural free-thinking capital of Russia, the founder Marina Shtager continues to introduce to the British public the important contemporary Russian and international artists. Among them are Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai (b. 1969, Russia), who represented Russia at the 58th Venice Biennale; a pioneer of digital art Marina Alexeeva (b. 1959, Russia); acclaimed painters Vitaliy Pushnitskiy (b. 1967, Russia); Japanese multimedia artist and filmmaker Yusuke Akamatsu (b. 1967, Japan); London-based sculptor Katia Kesic (b. 1986, UK). Establishment and sustainment of the elevating dialogue between Eastern European, Russian and international artistic practices are one of the core aims of the Shtager gallery program, alongside promoting collaboration, mutual understanding and crossover synergies. Building creative bridges between contexts and concepts, in which the artists are operating, allow registering of the aesthetic nuances and sensitivities hidden from the naked eye.

The conversation between the iconic bromoils by Gregori Maiofis (b. 1969), Belarus born artist Valery Katsuba (b. 1965), photo-sculptures by Vita Buivid (b. 1962), a pioneer of digital art Marina Alexeeva (b. 1959, Russia) and new work by Japanese artist Yusuke Akamatsu (b. 1967) is in the focus of Shtager Gallery presentation. The artists share fascination with pushing the boundaries of reflection on the human condition. Gregori Maiofis created his bromoils and bromoil transfers, unique original print type, which he has developed for over 20 years. Valery Katsuba has always been interested by the relative constancy of landscapes- whether natural or architectural -and the human fates, faces and historical eras that go through them. Yusuke Akamatsu, a restless nomad, unapologetically bends the visual language of city streets into digitally manipulated collages made on his IPhone. Five artists are united in the quest for an eerie novelty, critical dialogue with the past and anticipation of possible futures. Marina Alexeeva, a pioneer of
multimedia contemporary art and one of the first women active in this medium in Russia, has not ceased the urge to innovate.