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Prince House Gallery

Germania / Germany
H7, 1, 68159, Mannheim / Mannheim
Tel / Phone: +491752289298

Prince House Gallery is a photography, digital art and visual culture gallery established in 2016. As art historians and image scientists, we are masters of the language of images, the "visual culture". It has become a form of human communication in its own right, shaping our view of the world everyday and everywhere. Shaping visual culture is our passion and this is reflected accordingly in our service offerings.


Sabine Arndt, No.7 Rausch grün, 2017

Katerina Belkina, Greeting the Rising star, 2022

Robert Häusser, Frauenwohnheim/Women's dormitory at Stephanienufer, about 1952

Markus Kaesler, FRA-ATH, Series "in between", 2018

Florian Richter, Esja Iceland, 2020

Johannes Schembs, Caballito No. 1, Buenos Aires, 2015/2023

Gerhard Vormwald, Fliegender Schwarzer, 1983