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Galleria Giovanni Bonelli

Italia / Italy
Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi 6, 20159, Milano / Milano
Tel / Phone: 00390287246945

Giovanni Bonelli Gallery opened in 2012 in Isola district in Milano.
The planning of the 300 sqmt open space is initially focused on Italian figurative and abstract painters like Fulvio Di Piazza, Giuseppe Gonella and Davide Nido.
During the last five years important solo shows by most renowned artists have interchanged: Aldo Mondino (2013 and 2017), Bruno Munari and Daniel Spoerri (2015), Maurizio Mochetti (2016), Gianni Pettena (2017), Antonio Trotta (2017), Mario Schifano and Giulio Turcato (2018): Maurizio Cannavacciuolo (2019) among others. The alternation of masters and mid-career or young artists allows the gallery to have an across-the-board overview on the international artistic scene.
Since 2016 the gallery opened to international partnerships that allowed to present to Italian public works by young and renowned International artists like Julius Von Bismarck or Julian Charrière and last year (2021) a selection of Belin-based artists was presented with the show Lines of Passage that included works by Rüzgâr Buşki, Sofia Duchovny, Lena Marie Emrich, Nicholas Grafia & Mikolaj Sobczak, Aneta Kajzer and Matt Welch.


Liset Castillo, Pain is Universal but so is Hope (VIOLET), 2007