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Serbia / Serbia
Krunska 73, 11000, Belgrado / Belgrade
Tel / Phone: +381 62349417

Acting as a transcultural mediator, Drina orchestrates collaborations between Eastern and Western European and overseas artists,institutions, collectors and galleriest hrough the production of artworks, exhibitions, publications and commissioned services. In this capacity, Drina aims to connect and present the strong, consistent and innovative artworks from young, emerging and well-known artists that showcased their work in important art institutions, museums, galleries, fairs or during exhibitions such as Venice Biennale or Triennale Milan. Drina’s activity and gallery programme is directed by Nataša Radojević, curator and founder of international organisation Logic Art Space, based in Italy. Stemmed from the desire of exploring and experimenting with the possibilities of collaborative platforms, Drina aims to facilitate further international projects, building the bridge between international scene and a hub of artistic activity in Belgrade.


Michelangelo Bastiani, Nuvola / Dancer, 2018

Labotiv, Verena’s dance, 2020

Fabrizio Corneli, Halo, 2020

Edoardo Dionea Cicconi, AKR 01, 2023

Igor Eškinja, Become worlds, 2022

Giuseppe Pietroniro, Interno, Spazio Gerra, Reggio Emilia, 2009