Beyond Photography, Galleria, MIA Fair 2021, Main section

Dialogue Rhomi Martens – Flurin Bisig

Belgica / Belgium
Kardinaal Mercierlei 20, 2600, Berchem / Berchem
Tel / Phone: 0032494816914

Rhomi Martens (1998, BE) is a photographer and cinematographer who lives and works in
Antwerp. Before being discovered and selected for MIA by Italian curator Domenico de Chirico,
Martens never publicly exposed her work. In this first presentation, Martens debuts her work
alongside Swiss contemporary artist Flurin Bisig (1982) in a promising duo exhibition/show at the
‘Beyond Photography’ section.
The symbiose of both artists lies in the explicit focus on their surroundings and reflections of
every day life. Both artists constantly question how their medium is characterized and defined.
Flurin Bisig, above all, explores the power of sculpture and skillfully controls or even inverts the
expected visual effect of his materials giving it such an air of instability that viewers approach it
gingerly while Martens withdraws her detailed observations from its context and carefully
transforms them into a fragile visual language that often resembles a painterly approach.
In the Beyond Photography section, the dialogue between these two artists is established and
presented in curated in-situ duo exhibition of selected works that evoke the boundaries between
photographing and sculpting.