The alterations in perspective of MIA Photo Fair 2024

In its 13th edition, the international photography art fair in Italy chooses a graphic concept to talk about the theme of change.

Alterations in Perspective is the title of the iconic image of the 13th edition of MIA Photo Fair (April 11-14 in the Allianz MiCo spaces), which in 2024 chooses to convey the themes of the fair not with a photograph but through a graphic concept, the result of overlaying frosted filters in a 3D camera, from which digital photographs were obtained that alter the word MIA.
A “visual metaphor” to represent our approach to change, to how we observe, perceive, distort, and recreate the image we have of the world, but also a kind of ‘ripple’ that spreads out, so that this change may reach everyone and becomes contagious, like the passion that has driven it.

The project, created by Alessandro Prepi Sot and Dario Pianesi of Hapto Studio in Milan, captures the theme of “Changing” – chosen by the new Artistic Director of MIA, Francesca Malgara – which is expressed through different points of view, creating a variety of interpretations and images.  A visual identity that plays with shapes and filters, with changes in perspective, evoking the artistic experiences of the avant-garde of the 1970s and representing the central theme of the new edition of MIA Photo Fair.
The idea is to explore the common thread through sections, talks, and insights: not just an individual shot to represent a logic or a strategy but rather a scratch in magenta – as it turns out the colour of the year –  which graphically and visually serves to outline a bridge to the new edition. It’s as if the extent of change expanded with the spread of the image.