Codice MIA, the absolutely unprecedented and innovative portfolio interpretation, totally focused on the photographic market, produced a very positive reaction from the 45 photographers who, selected by the Scientific Committee, submitted their portfolio to some of the leading international collection experts.

Codice MIA also awarded the prize to Mattia Insolera, for “the ability – according to the justification – to narrate with great visual force the historic transformation of the Mediterranean basin as the cradle of Western civilization. The change of an area as a paradigm of cultural, political and social upheaval”.

Mattia Insolera will be assigned a booth free of charge in the 2015 edition of MIA Fair.


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Mattia Insolera, Procession of La Virgen del Carme, protector of the seamen, Ceuta, Spain 2010, cm 60×90, ed. 10