MIA Fair 2023
New Post Photography
Award IV Edition


Enrico Bedolo, In calce #3, 2020
Katerina Belkina, Moonrise, dalla serie For all mankind, 2022
Lidia Bianchi, Indaco Terra, 2019
Alessandra Calò, Herbarium #6, 2022
Collettivo Foto Marvellini, Misses Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan wearing Margiela, dalla serie Marvellini Vogue, 2023
Noemi Comi, Lupus Hominarius #3, 2022
Flavio Di Renzo, (R)umore, dalla serie Echo, 2022
Chiara Ernandes, Still Birth #4, 2019/2021
Claudia Fuggetti, Caveland, dalla serie Hot Zone, 2021
Silvia Gaffurini, L’Ottava Lampada - Lampada della Permanenza #4, 2021
Giulia Lippens, #1999 e #doll, dalla serie What we leave behind, 2022
Francesca Loprieno, Sulla distanza #2, 2020
Arianna Pace, Thin sections, 2021
Mara Palena, Oikeôsis, A Study Of Introspection, 2020
Patricio Reig, Lolas #4, 2022
Marco Rigamonti, Apparizioni #10, 2023


The jury, composed of Gigliola Foschi (curator of the Prize), Franco Carlisi (director of “Gente di Fotografia” magazine), Claudio Composti (curator and artistic director of mc2 gallery), Daniele De Luigi (curator of the Modena Visual Arts Foundation and the “Young Italian Photography” award for the Fotografia Europea Festival in Reggio Emilia), Sebastiano Leddi (founder of Perimetro magazine) and Carlo Sala (art critic, curator of the Francesco Fabbri Prize for Contemporary Arts and the Photo Open Up Festival in Padua) selected:

Enrico Bedolo, Katerina Belkina, Lidia Bianchi, Alessandra Calò, Collettivo Foto Marvellini, Noemi Comi, Flavio Di Renzo, Chiara Ernandes, Claudia Fuggetti, Silvia Gaffurini, Giulia Lippens, Francesca Loprieno, Arianna Pace, Mara Palena, Patricio Reig, Marco Rigamonti

The awardees’ works will be exhibited at the 12th edition of MIA Fair 2023, March 23-26, 2023, at SUPERSTUDIO MAXI in Milan.
The purpose of the prize is to make the New Post Photography exhibition a significant showcase, capable of recording and highlighting the changes taking place in the world of contemporary photography.
In addition to the main exhibition of the prize, the partners of New Post Photography have invited a number of artists to participate in various initiatives.
Giovanni Troilo (Artistic Director of PhEST) and Arianna Rinaldo (Photography Curator of PhEST) selected the winning artist for a solo exhibition at PhEST – international photography and art festival in Monopoli – Ed. VIII 2023. The selected project is “Lupus Hominarius” by Noemi Comi, which recalls the legends and folk tales of Calabria, dwelling on the figure of the Werewolf. A contemporary reading of the myths related to this creature, recreating partial and ambiguous scenarios. The phenomenon relates to the present, highlighting the contradictions that continue to characterize southern Italy.
For the artist residency Return2Ithaca Francesca Loprieno and Mara Palena are the winners of the artist residency on the Greek island of Ithaca awarded through the partnership with the international project Return2Ithaca ( selected by Nina Kassianou (curator of the award), together with Alejandro Castellote (founder and first curator of PhotoEspana) and Hercules Papaioannou (curator of the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography).
Franco Carlisi, director of Gente di Fotografia, will publish Alessandra Calò‘s portfolio in the magazine.
From July to August 2023, the project of Alessandra Calò, selected by Claudio Composti and Stefania Paxhia, artistic director and founder of the Ragusa Foto Festival, respectively, will be presented at the Ragusa Foto Festival.

MIA Fair for Contemporary Photography

In order to promote research work in the field of photography as a language of contemporary art, MIA Fair is pleased to confirm the fourth edition of the New Post Photography Award. The Award is open to artists’ projects with no age or nationality limits and no thematic constraints.

The winners will have the opportunity to exhibit for free in an exhibition during the 12th edition of MIA Fair (from March, 22nd to 26th, 2023) at SUPERSTUDIO MAXI in via Moncucco 35, Milano.

As a novelty for the next edition of the Award, the winners selected for the Exhibition will have the opportunity to participate in additional exhibitions organized by the following Partners of the Award:

  • Ragusa Foto Festival Exhibition: a project, among the 30 pre-selected artists, will be selected by Stefania Paxhia (artistic director and founder of the Ragusa Foto Festival, respectively) and by Claudio Composti (art director of Ragusa Foto Festival and founder of mc2gallery Milan) to be displayed at the Ragusa Foto Festival (July-August 2023). This project will be selected in accordance with the theme of the new edition of the festival and the exhibition will be curated by Claudio Composti the new artistic director of the
  • PhEst – international photography and art festival in Monopoli – Ed. VIII 2023: a project, within the 30 pre-selected artists, will be choose from Gianni Troilo (Artistic Director of PhEST) and Arianna Rinaldo (photography curatorship of PhEST) and exhibited at PhEST festival- international photography and art festival in Monopoli (from early September to November 1st 2023). This project will be selected in accordance with the theme of the new edition of the festival and the exhibition will be curated by their artistic direction.
  • Return2Ithaca artist residency: thanks to the partnership with the international project Return2Ithaca (https://www.returgr/ ), curated by Nina Kassianou, one of the 30 artists pre- selected by MIA Fair will be selected for an artist residency on the Greek island of Ithaca. The residency will offer the winner the opportunity to exhibit their research in prestigious international galleries.
  • Publication of the portfolio in the magazine “Gente di Fotografia“, which will be published in conjunction with the twelfth edition of MIA Fair. The artist will be chosen by Franco Carlisi (director of “Gente di Fotografia”) among the 30 artists pre-selected by MIA Fair.

Images have changed their nature but continue to narrate an ever-changing world. Photography questions its own language, takes us into history or relates to the most advanced visual technologies to invite us to reflect, to capture our attention in a reality increasingly inundated with visual stimuli.

An open call with no age limit for a prize that aims to be a showcase for the most innovative contemporary photography.
A unique prize that will give the winners the opportunity to exhibit for free at MIA Fair 2023, to promote their work among the many galleries present at the fair and to make themselves known to high-level jurors.

Coordinated by Gigliola Foschi / MIA Fair



Since its foundation, Gigliola Foschi has been a member of the MIA FAIR Committee of Milan. Known as historian and critic in the photography field, she taught History of Photography as well as Visual Culture at IED and at Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, respectively, in Milan. Gigliola has curated several exhibitions held in galleries, public institutions and Italian and international photography fairs (FAR/Fabbrica Arte Rimini, Lercaro Foundation of Bologna, Festival Fotografia Europea in Reggio Emilia, Festival Fotografico Europeo, MAO Museo d’Arte Orientale in Turin, Photo Biennale in Salonicco, Photolux Festival in Lucca, Month of Photography in Bratislava, Espace Van Gogh in Arles, Palazzo Pirelli in Milan, etc.). From 1994 to 2009, she worked as a freelance journalist and had written numerous culturally related articles for “L’Unità”. She is currently collaborating with “Gente di Fotografia” and Doppiozero. She has also written several monographies dedicated to both Italian and international authors. Gigliola has published her book Le fotografie del silenzio. Forme inquiete del vedere, Mimesis/Accademia del Silenzio, and has cooperated with the international encyclopaedia The History of European Photography..


He graduated in Electrical Engineering in Palermo and started pursuing photography in 1994. Since 2006 he has been directing Gente di Fotografia, a scientific magazine dedicated to images and photographic culture. Carlisi has mostly conducted his photographic activity within the Mediterranean basin, switching between his need to testimony and the journal and self-reflective usage of the photographic medium. His works have been exhibited in prestigious locations among England, France, Austria, Germany, Russia, Morocco and Italy. Carlisi has also published numerous photography books, including Il valzer di un giorno, winner in 2011 the Premio Bastianelli award.


Founder and art director of mc2gallery, based in Milan and specialized in photography, as well as the online platform of Periscope Photoscouting, design to promote young Italian and international photographers. Since 2018 he has been working as an art advisor for private collections and he is the art director of the Hotel Plaza et de Russie’s private gallery/collection in Viareggio (LU). He teaches at Raffles Design Institute of Milan as guest professor for the master’s degree in Photography and collaborates with Leica Akademie. He has participated as Portfolio Reviewer in several Italian photography festival, such as Fotografia Europea in Reggio Emilia, Photolux Festival in Lucca, PhotoVogue Festival of Milan, and other international fairs, like Les Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles, SIPF Singapore Photo Festival, Palm Springs Photo Festival and Belfast Photo Festival. Composti has published an essay for the book Fermo immagine: Arte vita e mercato della Fotografia, edited by Maddalena Mazzocut-Mis and Chiara Spenuso (ed. Mimesis).


curator of Modena Arti Visive Foundation, in which he has organized personal exhibitions (including Luigi Ghirri, Candice Breitz, Jordi Colomer, Willie Doherty, Quayola, Stefano Arienti), as well as numerous collective expositions. In addition, he is the curator of Giovane Fotografia Italiana / Premio Luigi Ghirri, promoted by the municipality of Reggio Emilia in the Fotografia Europea festival field. He teaches Staging and Scriptural Practices at Studio Marangoni Foundation in Florence, and he is a member of its Scientific Committee. He has also curated projects and exhibitions for public institutions, galleries, companies along with courses and seminars about contemporary photography. He has been a member of jury for several prices.


After engaging in many projects as film director, producer and light designer among cinema, musical videos, advertising, fashion and art, in 2011 he begins his journey in the photography field, joining the American agency “Management Artists”. Over the years, he specializes in talent management in the commercial and editorial photography department, collaborating with some of the most relevant professionals worldwide, from New York to Paris, London to Los Angeles. Eventually, he is drawn towards a socio-cultural type of photography and in 2018 he founded Perimetro, a community magazine that illustrates cities through visual language, involving an outstanding number of authors. In April 2020, Loddi created “100 fotografi per Bergamo/A 100 photographers for Bergamo”, that raised 726.000€ in support of Ospedale Papa Giovanni XXIII, to counteract the Covid emergency. In 2021, he founded KindOfManagement agency, which represents talents among photography and video, between fashion, music and the publishing industry.


Art critic and curator born in Treviso, he is the artistic director of Photo Open Up – an international photography festival – and curator of Francesco Fabbri Onlus Foundation, for whom he directs the F4/ Un’idea di Fotografia and organises the Premio Francesco Fabbri per le Arti Contemporanee award. Sala has curated several expositive projects for the 12th International Architecture Exhibition, People meet in architecture in occasion of the Venice Biennal, for MUFOCO | Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea and MART | Museo di arte moderna e contemporanea of Trento and Rovereto. His essays and critical pieces have appeared in many publications edited by Allemandi, Marsilio, Mimesis, Bruno Mondadori and Skira. In 2021 Sala, in collaboration with Silvana, has published his book Stati di tensione. Conversazioni su immagine, società e politica.


 New Post Photography Award III Edition

Winning artists

We are pleased to announce the selection of the winners of the Award organised by MIA Fair – New Post Photography 2022. The Jury of the Award made up of Gigliola Foschi (curator of the Award and Advisor to MIA Fair), Sara Benaglia and Mauro Zanchi (professors, curators of BACO – Base Arte Contemporanea Odierna di Bergamo), Matteo Bergamini (director of Exibart, member of the curatorial team of the biennale d’arte contemporanea Milanese “BienNoLo”), Steve Bisson (artistic director of Ragusa Foto Festival, professor at Paris College of Art), Franco Carlisi (director of the magazine “Gente di Fotografia”) and Claudio Composti (curator and artistic director of mc2 Gallery) based on the concept of the Award, to highlight the new trends of contemporary photography, has selected the following artists:

Giorgia Bisanti, Alessandro  Cristofoletti, Daria Danilova, Francesca De Pieri e Daniele Bolpin, Massimiliano Gatti, Alessandro Laita e Chiaralice Rizzi, Marco Lanza, Nikola Lorenzin, Libera Mazzoleni, Mitikafe, Sara Munari, Giangiacomo  Rocco Di Torrepadula, Alessandro  Sambini, Filippo Tommasoli, Ulderico Tramacere

The work of these artists has been exhibited at MIA FAIR 2022.

Furthermore, for the partner awards of New Post Photography, the following artists have been selected.

  • Exhibition set to take place by 2023 in the BACO di Bergamo space: Sara Benaglia and Mauro Zanchi have selected the project of Alessandro Sambini and given an honourable mention to Libera Mazzoleni;
  • Residence of the artists Return2Ithaca: Nina Kassianou, artistic director of the residence of the artist on the Greek island of Ithaca, has selected Massimiliano Gatti.
  • Publication of the portfolio in the magazine “Gente di Fotografia”: the director Franco Carlisi has selected Ulderico Tramacere;
  • Exhibition at Ragusa Foto Festival: Steve Bisson and Stefania Paxhia (artistic director and founder respectively) have chosen the project of Davide Degano to be exhibited in a Ragusa Foto Festival show  (July – August 2022).  MIA Fair will exhibit this project, in addition to the works of the 15 winners, in a space adjacent to the Prize exhibition.

New Post Photography Award II Edition

Winning artists

Alessandra Baldoni, Atlas 1, 2018

Nicola Bertasi, The entrance gate of the former Bien Hoa Airbase today, 2018

Alberto Ceresa, Il fondatore, 2019

Matteo Cirenei, #19010216, Torre Baselli, Milano, 2019

Tina Cosmai, Manikins Opera nr. 4, 2019

Leonardo Magrelli, South Union Ave and West Pico Blvd, Pico Union, Los Angeles County, California, 2020

Luca Marianaccio, Effetto farfalla, 2020

Amaranta Medri, Non dire no, 2018

Francesco Merlini, Valparaiso #3, 2018

Novella Oliana, Cartografia performativa del Mediterraneo #1, 2020

Camila Orozco, Roots of Silence, 2017 – in corso

Michele Palazzi, The Roman Garden, 2019

Stefano Parrini, NoCode#4, 2020

Edoardo Romagnoli, Rock detail_9307A_Spinazzola_Isole Eolie, 2018

Gian Marco Sanna, AGARTHI, 2018

Kai-Uwe Schulte-Bunert, senza titolo, dalla serie Auslöschung, 2018

Marco Tagliafico, Pioggia nel bosco, 2020

Stefano Tubaro, Stanza fotogenica # 02, 2019

Silvio Wolf, Shivah, 2014

MIA Fair
is pleased to announce the winners of the second edition of New-Post Photography  Award.

The Final Jury composed by Gigliola Foschi (curator, professor, member of the Scientific Committee of MIA Fair), Gabi Scardi (contemporary art critic and curator at International level, artistic director of Nctm e l’arte project), Paolo Agliardi (architect, collector, fouder of CAP contemporary art projects), Claudio Composti (curator and artistic director of mc2 gallery), Carlo Sala(curator, professor, artistic director of Festival Photo Open Up and member of the curatorial committee of Fondazione Francesco Fabbri Onlus), Giorgio Zanchetti (art historian, professor, curator, member of the Board of Directors of Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea MUFOCO) – has selected the following artists:

Alessandra Baldoni, Nicola Bertasi, Alberto Ceresa, Matteo Cirenei, Tina Cosmai, Leonardo Magrelli, Luca Marianaccio, Amaranta Medri, Francesco Merlini, Novella Oliana, Camila Orozco, Michele Palazzi, Stefano Parrini, Edoardo Romagnoli, Gian Marco Sanna, Kai Uwe Schulte-Bunert, Marco Tagliafico, Stefano Tubaro, Silvio Wolf

We are also pleased to announce that Franco Carlisi, director of the magazine Gente di Fotografia, has chosen to publish FEDERICA BELLI’s and MICHELE PALAZZI‘s portfolios in the magazine issue that will be published in concomitance with the tenth edition of MIA Fair in October 2021.

Vincenzo Maccarone and Claudio Composti (directors of mc2 gallery, with offices in Milan and Luštica Bay in Montenegro) on the opening day of MIA Fair will announce the name of the author, among those present in the New Post Photography exhibition, to which they will dedicate a show by 2022.

  New Post Photography Award I Edition

Winning artists IN BRATISLAVA

The selected artists: Alessandra Baldoni, Nicola Bertasi, Silvia Bigi, Tina Cosmai, Giancarlo Dell’Antonia, Elena Franco, Luca Gilli, Marco Guenzi, Leonardo Magrelli, Luca Marianaccio, Francesco Merlini, Edoardo Romagnoli, Carolina Sandretto, Kai Uwe Schulte-Bunert, Gian Marco Sanna, Alessandro Toscano, Stefano Tubaro, Silvio Wolf.

On the occasion of the “Month of Photography of Bratislava”, some of the winning artists of the New Post Photography Prize 2020 and 2021, selected by Václav Macek Artistic and Festival Director will be exhibited until 30 November at the Umelka Gallery.