miramART, a non-profit cultural association, founded by the Grand Hotel Miramare, confirms for the second consecutive year the miramART prize, with the aim of supporting contemporary art, by renewing its partnership with MIA Photo Fair, scheduled from 11 to 14 April 2024.

In pursuit of its objective of regularly promoting conversations related to contemporary art, the miramART association supported an artist involved in the ‘Beyond the Borders of the Mediterranean’ section curated by Rischa Paterlini, through the awarding and acquisition of the work 15/2023, part of the long-term project To Redeyef (2012-2026) by Fakhri El Ghezal (1981, Akouda, Tunisia), represented by the A.gorgi gallery in Tunis. The work, included in the collection, was chosen for its ability to evoke a sense of dualism and ambiguity and for its focus on the contradictions of modern society. In this context, the name of God does not symbolise a sacred place, but rather an abandoned hotel, emphasising broken promises and ignored needs. This recognition highlights how El Ghezal manages to engage the audience with wordplay and irony that defies convention.

This initiative aims to support contemporary art and to give visibility to creative talents, promoting the dissemination of artistic culture and the sharing of important experiences for artists, curators, collectors and gallerists: ‘We are particularly sensitive to the themes dealt with in this section, an opportunity to reaffirm the role of contemporary art as the only thread running through realities that are so complex today, whereas only in the last century the same countries were laboratories of coexistence and fruitful exchanges between different cultures and religions,’ say Andrea and Fabio Fustinoni. The acquisition of a work from the collection is in fact just one of the ways in which the association supports contemporary art, in addition to the constant support provided to exhibition projects and artistic productions. The work will be exhibited in the miramART collection at the Grand Hotel Miramare in Santa Margherita Ligure, in the hope that the work will contribute to promoting an open dialogue between different cultures and lands.


As of 2019, miramART also takes on the role of naming the contemporary art collection of the Grand Hotel Miramare.

As of 2021, the collection will publish an annual catalogue of the works on display, which, edited by Rischa Paterlini, will be published by Allemandi as of this year. This decision underlines the ongoing commitment to promoting and enhancing the contemporary artistic heritage. As demonstrated also in 2023, during the prestigious MIA Photo Fair, Andrea and Fabio Fustinoni showed their support with the awarding of a work as part of the project ‘Underskin, Stories from Iran’, dedicated to Iranian artists. Untitled, from ‘Military Makeup’ (2019) by Ali Zanjani, was the winning work. The work, selected for its ability to generate a feeling of disorientation and bewilderment, was praised for its deep social critique and focus on the drama of Iran that the regime tries to conceal. This award underlines Zanjani’s ability to raise public awareness and address current issues, giving the work a valuable value within the miramART collection. The miramART cultural association demonstrates its support and promotion of contemporary art through the awarding of the eponymous prize, not only celebrating artistic excellence, but also highlighting its ongoing commitment to promoting an open and inclusive vision through contemporary art.