MIA OFF is the parallel event of the main exhibition aimed at promoting exhibition spaces, galleries, and artist studios in Milan, offering them a privileged showcase during the activities scheduled concurrently with Milan Art Week.
A.MORE Gallery
Aldo Salucci: Corpi in attesa

Via A. Massena 19, 20145 Milano

A.MORE Gallery presents until May 31, 2024, the complete series of new works by Aldo Salucci in a solo exhibition titled “Corpi in attesa” (Bodies in Waiting). A selection of this new body of work by the artist will also be displayed at the gallery’s booth no. E007 at the MIA Photo Fair.

A.L.P. Studio & Gallery
Mostra Antologica della Fotografa Artista Angela Lo Priore

Via Giuseppe Ripamonti 23, Milano
For information and reservations: angylopriore@gmail.com

A guided tour to delve into the main themes of the artworks with the photographer and artist Angela Lo Priore.
April 11th, 12th, and 14th from 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM Saturday, April 13th from 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Arte in Salotto di Camilla Prini
Dogma – Aurélien Villette

via Milazzo 6 – 20121, Milano

Arte in Salotto presents the series “Dogma” – a part of which is exhibited at the fair – by the French photographer Aurélien Villette. A great traveler, Villette has sought out abandoned places of worship in over 50 countries to demonstrate how even buildings constructed to be eternal and imperishable are subject to the torments of society and the dynamics of time and territories.

BAG – Bocconi Art Gallery
Suspended Time: Works by Sergio Scabar

Bocconi University, Via Sarfatti 25- 20136, Milano

 “Suspended Time: Works by Sergio Scabar” is the exhibition dedicated to the great Friulian photographer. Conceived by Fabio Castelli and curated by Angela Madesani, it will be open until April 20, 2024, free to visit from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM and on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM at Bocconi University.

Banca di Asti
Stranger Things di Elena Monzo

via Manzoni 12, 20122 Milano

The exhibition is part of the contemporary art showcase “Gilda’s wall_art for value” at the Banca di Asti on Via Manzoni in Milan and features a series of extra-large works that immerse viewers in a surreal world with retro undertones, nostalgic references to twentieth-century settings.

Italia Opus liber

Via Monte di Pietà 23, 20121 Milano

BUILDING TERZO PIANO presents, from April 4th to May 18th, 2024, “Opus liber,” a collective exhibition curated by Angela Madesani. The exhibition offers a significant selection of book-works, primarily published as unique copies, spanning the last sixty years. It represents a journey through art history via the book, which for the artist becomes a foundational element of their speculative and operational practice.

Hidetoshi Nagasawa. 1969-2018

Via Monte di Pietà 23, 20121 Milano

BUILDING presents, from April 4th to July 20th, 2024, “Hidetoshi Nagasawa: 1969-2018,” a major retrospective curated by Giorgio Verzotti, dedicated to one of the greatest artists working in Italy since the late 1960s. Through a selection of approximately 40 works, the exhibition aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the artist’s entire career: from the videos documenting his early performances, through the initial sculptures where gesture is always implied as the primary matrix, to the large-scale sculptures often characterized by daring balances – which have been Nagasawa’s most distinctive hallmark.

FAVENTIA. Ceramica italiana contemporanea – 4/12. Luigi Ontani

Via Monte di Pietà 23, 20121 Milano

From April 12th to May 10th, 2024, BUILDINGBOX presents the fourth edition of the exhibition series “FAVENTIA. Contemporary Italian Ceramics,” featuring the artwork “Grillo Mediolanum” (1995) by artist Luigi Ontani. Curated by Roberto Lacarbonara and Gaspare Luigi Marcone, the exhibition project involves twelve Italian artists showcasing sculptures and installations made of ceramics: a program dedicated to the centuries-old artistic tradition of the city of Faenza, among the main national production districts, as well as home and epicenter of thematic projects and museums.
Nascosto in prospettiva: scene nel paesaggio italiano in omaggio a Giovanni Chiaramonte

Via San Tomaso 25,  24121, Bergamo

Selection of twenty works in the format of 70×70 cm that encapsulate the work carried out by Giovanni Chiaramonte, who recently passed away, from 1980 to 2000 across the Italian peninsula.

Giuseppe Veneziano “Art design”

Viale Pasubio 8/a, 20154 Milano

Solo exhibition featuring paintings and works on paper by Giuseppe Veneziano. Unpublished works where the artist explores the dialogue between Art and Design, through the typical irony of his language. In Veneziano’s visual imagination, always populated by saints, art characters, and comic book heroes, new myths make their appearance: the iconic objects of Design. To complete the exhibition, some of the design objects depicted in the works will be showcased.

Galleria d’Arte Frediano Farsetti
Campigotto Industrials

Via della Spiga 52, 20122, Milano

Frediano Farsetti Art Gallery is pleased to present a selection of images dedicated to the industrial world, created by Luca Campigotto between 1997 and 2023. Campigotto’s images depict details related to machinery and places dedicated to production, sometimes abandoned, sometimes captured in Italy’s major industries, true centers of excellence of our craftsmanship.

Galleria Massimo Minini
Mario Garcià Torres – “Gettare la spugna”

Via Luigi Apollonio 68, 25128 Brescia

Massimo Minini presents the first solo exhibition of the conceptual Mexican artist Mario Garcià Torres.

Galleria Patricia Armocida
Todd James. Musical Chairs

Via Filippo Argelati 24, 20123 Milano

Musical Chairs is the third solo show by Todd James (New York, USA, 1969) at the Patricia Armocida Gallery in Milan. The exhibition showcases a vibrant domestic setting, offering an intimate yet radiant glimpse into everyday life, presented as a snapshot in which we are allowed to immerse ourselves unfiltered.

One Planet One Future – Anne de Carbuccia
BlueThread e retrospettiva dei lavori dell’artista

Via Conte Rosso 8, Milano
For information and reservations: info@brunfineart.it

BlueThread is an artistic study on the anti-melting covering installed on the Presena glacier. Other works previously created by the photographer and environmentalist Anne de Carbuccia will also be exhibited at the booth.
Saturday, April 13th, from 10 AM to 6 PM.



The project “PRINTED MEMORIES Popular Photography” by Settimio Benedusi and Guido Stazzoni, was created to bring back the democratic and inclusive privilege of printed photographic portraits not only within reach of everyone but also within a common and shared language. A large installation will be realized, a kind of enormous “camera obscura” where once again it will be possible to narrate oneself and one’s identity through the powerful medium of Photography.

Suspended di Luca Spano

Via Solari 46, 20144 Milano

Through an anthropological, philosophical, and scientific approach, the result of three artistic residencies between Italy and Germany, Luca Spano explores the biological and technological limits of sight, investigating the relationship between the visible and the invisible, and in particular, that shadowy area between the two: the last known point, a border area whose mystery invites discovery. Spano’s work is characterized by experimentation with various media, from photography to video, to installation sculptures with assemblages of different materials such as glass, iron, obsidian fragments, always with the aim of questioning what an image is and what its role is in contemporary society

ACQUA, Liquida Bellezza Fotografia

Via Zamenhof, 11 – 20136 Milano

Silvano Pupella’s photographic narrative for Acqua Sant’Anna positions itself within a rich visual landscape with illustrious precedents. Pupella’s photography is the direct synthesis of daily documentation, awareness, and the conveyance of a sense of belonging, an operational set from which he constructs the entirety of his professional gaze. Influenced by a profound understanding of corporate dynamics, gained through his managerial experience, Pupella has been on the other side of the barricade, allowing him to now simultaneously follow the communicative trajectory of the companies he collaborates with, embracing stories held within the thick walls of corporate structures in order to pass on their collective value. He manages to translate into images the sinuous chain of his client, sequencing portraits, material abstractions, and glimpses of buildings. He meticulously describes Sant’Anna’s production cycle: from the water flowing from the source to a detailed examination of the bottling process. All this without ever losing sight of the human aspect. After all, the driving force behind the companies lies in the people who work there. In doing so, every automation, gesture, and plastic detail is definitively freed from the austere conception attributed to the industrial setting. We find ourselves in a context of poetic reality. Denis Curti

Studio Silvio Wolf
Visita allo studio dell’artista

Via Compagnoni 3 – 20129 Milano
For information and reservations: info@silviowolf.com

Guided tour of Silvio Wolf’s studio, featuring works from the series: “Icone di Luce,” “Orizzonti,” “Soglie a Specchio,” “Scudi,” and “Shivà.” His works will be showcased at MIA Photo Fair at the Photo & Contemporary Gallery stand (Turin) and at the stand dedicated to the BDC – Bonanni Del Rio Catalog prize for the artist’s award “La Nuova Scelta Italiana.”
April 12th from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, April 14th from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Milano Meccanica

Via Giacomo Leopardi 32, 20123, Milano

Collective exhibition curated by Giorgio Verzotti. Artists featured in the exhibition: Dadamaino, Niele Toroni, Sergio Lombardo, Irma Blank, Bertrand Lavier, Giovanni Rizzoli, Daniele Innamorato, and Camilla Gurgone. The repetitive, mechanical, serial act subtracts pathos from artistic creation, romantically conceived as unique, unrepeatable, attributable to the creative genius. Hence, the mechanical act, repetition, and chance become active, generative principles and organizers of form, language, and works. Different motivations and artistic modalities are evident in the selection, certainly not exhaustive, of the artists featured in this exhibition, also determined by the cultural needs typical of the various epochs in which they lived and worked, from the 1950s to the present day.