MIA Photo Fair is pleased to announce the third edition of the IRINOX SAVE THE FOOD AWARD, curated by Claudio Composti, co-founder and art director of mc2gallery and independent curator.

The Award is open to artists without limits of age or nationality, who have worked on the theme of food and food waste in every declination.

Up to 15 participating artists will be selected and will have the possibility to exhibit, free of charge, in a show curated by Claudio Composti during the 13th edition of MIA Photo Fair (from 11th to 14th April 2024 – 10th April VIP Preview), which will take place at MiCo Allianz, in via Gattamelata 13, Milan / Italy, in a specially dedicated space for the award.

The award is supported by Irinox, S.p.A., a leading manufacturer of rapid blast chillers and high-quality preservation systems for the industry.
The winning artists will subsequently be exhibited in Parma during CIBUS, the international Made in Italy food fair at a strategically located city venue in Parma, that is currently being defined.


The Award aims to promote artists that, through the use of image in all of its forms have dealt with the theme of food. Food has always been present in human heritage, not only as a necessity, but also as a carrier of strong symbolisms and important socio-anthropological implications.
Co-living, in all its forms, is the basis of human relationships. From cinema to theatre to literature, the theme of food has always interested artists who have told its story from different points of view, interpreting its meanings which today, more than ever, become even stronger as a social and economic issue linked to sustainability.

With its third edition, the IRINOX SAVE THE FOOD award intends to promote the mission and the values of the company from Treviso, leader in the sector of rapid blast chillers for both domestic and professional environments.

IRINOX has always been alert to problems of environmental sustainability and active on spreading awareness on the the theme of food waste, with the aim of spreading as much as possible the culture of cold conservation, in order to completely eliminate food waste, time wasting, energy wasting and to maintain the properties of food.


The awards of the third edition of the IRINOX AWARD are:
1) Exhibition of up to 15 finalists in Milan, at MIA Photo Fair from 10th April till 14th April 2024.
2) IRINOX COLLECTION Purchase Award of €3,000.
3) Exhibition of the up to 15 finalists of the IRINOX Award will be set up in Parma, in an institutional venue of the City of Parma, as part of Cibus Off, the most important event in Italy to the theme of food. The exhibition will last approximately one month (indicatively from 6th May to 6th July, 2024).



Thanks to the collaboration between MIA Photo Fair and Yeast Photo Festival, we are pleased to announce the second edition of the collateral “Yeast Award”. The winning project will be exhibited during the upcoming third edition of Yeast Photo Festival, to be held in Matino (Lecce, Italy) and curated by Edda Fahrenhorst.
During MIA Photo Fair Milano, the artist selected for the exhibition at Yeast Photo Festival will be announced among the up to 15 FINALISTS of the IRINOX SAVE THE FOOD AWARD – indipendently from the winner of the IRINOX Purchase Award – at the sole discretion of the artistic director Edda Fahrenhorst.
The third edition of Yeast Photo Festival will be held from September 2024.


Katia Da Ros, entrepreneur and vice president of Irinox S.p.A., Conegliano (TV)
Claudio Composti, independent curator, artistic director of the Ragusa Foto Festival and founder and art advisor of mc2gallery
Edda Fahrenhorst, artistic director of Yeast Photo Festival and “horizonszingst” Environmental Photo Festival (Germany)

The judgments on the MIA Photo Fair finalist Artists and the choices of the Final Jury as well as the choice of the Yeast Award are unquestionable and may be without specific reasons, both regarding the admission of the Works and the awarding of the Award.

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Claudio Composti is the founder and artistic director of mc2gallery in Milan and the creator of the online platform Periscope Photoscouting, aimed at discovering and promoting young Italian and international photographic artists. He works as an independent curator for artistic projects, collaborating with both Italian and foreign galleries, public institutions, and museums. Since 2018, he has been an art advisor for private collections and serves as the artistic director of the gallery/private collection at the Hotel Plaza et de Russie in Viareggio (LU). Additionally, he collaborates as a curator with Leica Akademie Milano. Composti participates as a Folio Reviewerat various Italian photography festivals, such as FFE_Festival Fotografia Europea in Reggio Emilia, as well as international events like Les Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles, France, and Face a la Mer in Tangier. He has contributed an essay to the book: “Fermo immagine: Arte vita e mercato della Fotografia” edited by Maddalena Mazzocut-Mis and Chiara Spenuso (published by Mimesis) and an essay on Lisette Model for the catalog released on the occasion of the exhibition at Camera (TO) and for the exhibition curated by him and Chiara Spenuso at the Mart Museum in Rovereto, titled “Cabaret Vienna.L’atelier fotografico Manassè” (published by MART).