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MIA Fair 2023

for the contemporary image
dedicated to the theme of food and its declinations
2nd Edition
Deadline: 31 january 2023

MIA Fair is pleased to announce the second edition of the IRINOX SAVE THE FOOD Award curated by Claudio Composti, curator, art director of Ragusa Foto Festival and founder and art director of mc2gallery.

The award is addressed to artists’ projects with no age or nationality limits, who have a relationship with the theme of food in all its different forms.

The Award is supported by Irinox S.p.A. a leader in the production of high-quality rapid blast chillers and conservation systems for professional and domestic sectors and electric switchboards in inox steel.

The Award aims to promote artists that, through the use of image in all of its forms have dealt with the theme of food. Food has always been present in human heritage, not only as a necessity, but also as a carrier of strong symbolisms and important socio-anthropological implications.

Co-living, in all its forms, is the basis of human relationships. From cinema to theatre to literature, the theme of food has always interested artists who have told its story from different points of view, interpreting its meanings which today, more than ever, become even stronger as a social and economic issue

With its second edition, IRINOX SAVE THE FOOD award intends to promote the mission and the values of the company from Treviso, leader in the sector of rapid blast chillers.

IRINOX has always been alert to problems of environmental sustainability, with the aim of spreading as much as possible the culture of cold conservation, in order to completely eliminate food waste, time wasting, energy wasting and to maintain the properties of food.

The Prizes of the 2° edition of IRINOX SAVE THE FOOD Award are:

1) Exhibition of the 10 finalists in Milan, at MIA Fair from March 22 to 26, 2023

2) Purchase Award IRINOX COLLECTION of € 2.000

3) Exhibition of the 10 finalists set up in Parma, in an institutional venue of the City of Parma, in the context of Cibus Off, the most important event in Italy to the theme of food. The exhibition will run for about a month (approximately from March 28 to April 28, 2023).

Thanks to the collaboration between MIA Fair and Yeast Photo Festival in Matino (Lecce), we are pleased to announce the collateral prize Yeast Award, which consists of an exhibition that will be held as part of the Yeast Photo Festival in Matino (Lecce).

The 2nd edition of Yeast Photo Festival will be held from September to November 2023.

In order to be admitted to the selection of the Works, the Artists will have to send by email not later than January 31st, 2023 the following documents requested in the Award Notice.

The registration fee is of 50 € + VAT = € 61,00

The registration fee allows you to submit, to the selection committee, the Registration Form with your curriculum, the description of the project and the portfolio of works, to participate in the selections.


Fabio Castelli
founder and director of MIA Fair

Katia Da Ros
entrepreneur e Vice-president of Irinox S.p.A., Conegliano (TV)

Claudio Composti
indipendent curator, art director of Ragusa Foto Festival and founder and art advisor of mc2gallery

Edda Fahrenhorst
art director of Yeast Photo Festival and of »horizonszingst« Environmental Photo Festival (Germany)

The response of the Jury’s selection will be communicated by February 17, 2023.


 90 € + IVA 22% = 109,80 €.



Simone Barberis, Fragile, 2013
Giulio Cassanelli, Black Apples, 2021
Arnaldo Dal Bosco, Unseen_food, 2017/2022
Alessia De Montis, Crocemobile, 2008
Margherita Del Piano, Cose Buone dal Mondo, 2019/2022
Mario Ermoli, ANALOG NATURE, 2019/2022
Silvia Gaffurini, Tele d’ombra. L’illusione di un inserto d’arte, 2020
Giacomo Giannini, DOMESTICHE, 1995
Luca Gilli, Menù del giorno, 2010/2012
Malena Mazza, Convivio, 2007
Rohn Meijer, Food-Mouth-Hands, 2014
Ryan Mendoza, Lara with pudding, 2021
Maurizio Montagna, Corruzioni, 2017-2021
Romana Zambon, Reversible head with junk food, 2017
Patrizia Zelano, Simulacre food, 2008 e 2009
Ziqian Liu, Ritual at the dinner table, 2021

We are pleased to announce the selection of the winners of the prize MIA Fair 2022 – IRINOX SAVE THE FOOD I Edition dedicated to the theme of food and its declinations, curated by Claudio Composti, independent curator and Art director of mc2gallery.

The Final Jury composed by: Katia Da Ros, (entrepreneur and Vice President of Irinox S.p.A., Conegliano (TV), Carlo Sala (curator and art critic) and Enrico Stefanelli (Director of PhotoLux Festival, Lucca) selected the three winning artists and the winning artist of the IRINOX purchase award:

  • Malena Mazza, winner of the purchase award
  • Margherita Del Piano
  • Maurizio Montagna

Here the finalists:

Barberis Simone, Cassanelli Giulio, Dal Bosco Arnaldo, Del Piano Margherita, De Montis Alessia, Ermoli, Mario Gaffurini Silvia, Giannini Giacomo, Gilli Luca, Mazza Malena, Meyer Rohn, Mendoza Ryan, Montagna Maurizio, Zambon Romana, Zelano Patrizia, Ziquian Liu

The works of the finalists has been exhibited during the XI edition of MIA Fair.

Thanks to the partnership with Fiere di Parma, the exhibition will be also hosted at the Complesso Monastico San Paolo in Parma in conjunction with CIBUS, the international Made in Italy food fair.  The exhibition has been organized under the patronage of the City of Parma and will be curated by Claudio Composti.

The title of the exhibition is ART SAVE THE FOOD.