PLEASE NOTE: Our exhibitors are reminded that by contract, MIA Photo Fair set-ups are provided exclusively by Fiere di Parma through its official supplier. For this reason, no other fitters are allowed and we renew our invitation not to make arrangements with third-party companies.

We are aware that MIA Fair exhibitors are receiving from some companies requests of company data for the purpose of their inclusion in business directories, advertisements and catalogs.
Such communications are often accompanied by unauthorized and abusive use of MIA Fair/Fiere di Parma Group names and trademarks in the header of the letter.
Whenever you receive a communication such as those under comment you are urged to carefully check the content and source.

MIA Fair/Fiere di Parma Group, the latter being the organizing company of MIA Fair, are completely uninvolved in such claims. The services (for a fee) referred to in these letters are not related to any services provided by MIA Fair/DO.MO.ART. S.r.l./Fiere di Parma Group.
MIA Fair/Fiere di Parma Group are not requesting any verification/updating of their exhibitors’ data from their exhibitors.
MIA Fair/Fiere di Parma Group have never authorized any company to process their exhibitors’ data and/or use their distinctive signs (e.g., trademarks).

For your information, the following is a list of companies or registries that users have reported as senders of misleading communications:

International Fairs Directory Mulpor Company SA Araucana 1277 – CP 1400 Montevideo – Uruguay
Commercial Online Manual S – Expo Guide Construct Data Verlag GmbH and
PayTrac Lda Avenida da Liberdade, n. 129b 1250-140 Lisbon
Susane Perry /
Samuel Augustyn /

We do not rule out the possibility that there are other entities with other names or that those listed above will change names and locations.
In any case, MIA Fair/Fiere di Parma Group – through their legal partner – have already taken timely action to warn the companies listed above.

In light of the above, in case you receive forms or proposals, we recommend that you carefully read the conditions contained therein before signing; this is because by filling out and sending the form you are signing a contract – which although invalidable – may commit you to pay an annual/multi-year fee that is not due.

For further clarification, please contact us at the following e-mail address: