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Italia / Italy
Piazzale baiamonti 3, 20154, Milano / Milan
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Gina-Lola-Bessie bewitched by the moon
Andrea Floris, Gina, Lola & Bessie, 2019

FLORIS ANDREA, Gina, Lola & Bessie, 2019

The artist presents her intimate and cultural research through the shot "Midtown", a macro image of made up eyes, which ponders on both daily life and interactions with "the other and diversity". She investigates the dynamics that are created through the lens of the camera.
Federica Angelino, Midtown, 2019

Intimate 12x12cm Ed. 1/5+2pd
Donata Clovis, INTIMATE, 2009

Donatella Izzo, Donatella Izzo, Silent Time, 2021,, 2021

Andrea Milano, BUBBLES - symbol of freedom: whether they are small, large, transparent or colored, they are made of magic!, 2018-editing 2021

blue spel
Dario Zucchi, DZ 2011.11.082. Autore Thomas Downing - Titolo Blue Spel, 2011