Press Release 02 MIA Fair 2015

MIA Fair photographs Expo and presents its fifth edition.

145 booths set up with great curatorial care, two purchase awards, a broad cultural programme that includes comparison with the great European photography festivals and talks inspired by the 100th anniversary of the birth of Roland Barthes; an exhibition dedicated to the invaluable photographic archives of Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo and a special exhibition on artist’s book; the debut of the performance, the now traditional scouting occasions conducted by international personalities, the meetings on the delicate question of the legal aspects that affect the world of the image and a special focus on Expo 2015. This year sees the richest and most wide-ranging edition of MIA Fair, the photography art fair conceived and directed by Fabio Castelli, which this year celebrates its fifth edition at The Mall, in Milan, from 11th to 13th April.

Download pdf: CS02_MIA FAIR_2015