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Zuzana Pustaiova, Frozen Smile, 2021

Courtesy: Photon Gallery

Inkjet print on archival photo paper
Inkjet print on archival photo paper
Dimensioni / Size: 40 x 60 cm
Edizione / Edition: 1 / 10

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The project One Day Every Day (2021) explores the influence of stereotypes, behavioural patterns and role-playing on our existence in today’s world. By applying the notion of functional fixation (the use of an object only in accordance with its intention) to human interactions and the notion of (societal) role-play, the artist reveals the boundaries where conventional use of routine becomes pathological. Visually and conceptually the series focuses on several distinct aspects of the topic at hand: wearing masks as an allegory of role-playing, performing various everyday activities and being caught in existential situations, belonging to a family or other larger social groups, and so on.

Zuzana Pustaiova

Slovakia @ Slovakia

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Zuzana Pustaiova, Frozen Smile, 2021