Vangelis Kyris & Anatoli Georgiev, Kontogouni (waistcoat) of Rosa Botsari, court of Queen Amalia, 19th century

Courtesy: Vangelis Kyris & Anatoli Georgiev

Ricami dorati rifiniti a mano, cordoncino dorato su tela di cotone stampata. Velluto con cornice
Hand finished gold embroidery, using gold cord on printed cotton canvas. Velvet framed
Dimensioni / Size: 126 x 104 cm
Edizione / Edition: 1/1 + 1 AP

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Vangelis Kyris and Anatoli Georgiev honor through their artworks the treasure entrusted to them by the National Historical Museum, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821. In “Raiment of the Soul” modern day people of all ages are captured through the lens of the photographer Vangelis Kyris, dressed in authentic, traditional Greek garments belonging to the National Historical Museum’s collection. The portraits are then printed on 100% cotton canvas, where the master of embroidery, Anatoli Georgiev, uses golden silver metal and silk and cotton thread to complete with his needle this unique creative process.

Created by talented craftspeople during the 18th and 19th centuries, the garments, works of high inspiration and skillful construction, constitute a national treasure, not only because they embody history, but also because they reflect folk art at its highest expression. These garments, that came out of their display cases after nearly 200 years, bear not only the seal of their creators but their owners too. Amongst them, garments that belonged to prominent figures of the Greek Revolution War and the history of Modern Greece –fighters and generals, such as Theodoros Kolokotronis; political leaders; the first king of Greece, King Otto. There are also several garments, that stand out for their antiquity and rarity, each one with its own story.

In these mixed media portraits, that combine photography and embroidery, the artists harmoniously complement one another. Through studying the past and getting inspired by it, they eventually reshape it into something new, always with love and respect for tradition, culture and history. It is no longer the image of the costume that captivates us, but the penetrating gaze and the controlled posture of the wearer. The portraits manage to capture the soul of the depicted, one might say, adding to the introspectiveness and spirituality of the artworks. The composition, the lighting, the shadows –they all work to create a mystical atmosphere and an unprecedented result of high aesthetic value. In this way, they enchant and inspire us, while they become a beacon of hope for the preservation of history and heritage.

Vangelis Kyris & Anatoli Georgiev

Grecia @ Greece

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Vangelis Kyris & Anatoli Georgiev, Kontogouni (waistcoat) of Rosa Botsari, court of Queen Amalia, 19th century