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Roberto Kusterle, Landslide, 2018

Digital pigment print on archival paper
Digital pigment print on archival paper
Dimensioni / Size: 36 x30
Edizione / Edition: 1/5

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which seemingly depict some kind of mountain landscape. In this case too, the starting point of the works were realistic shots of rock masses and stones in the quarry, where the author focused mainly on depicting sharply broken stone edges of pointed shapes and picturesque textures of stones and their veins. In the continuation of the creative process, he thoughtfully assembled the selected footage – as modules – into new compositions that represent fictional mountain landscapes, interspersed with impassable rock overhangs, precipices and landslides, while again using combinations of positives and negatives.

The fictitious images, which are of course the product of the artist’s boundless imagination, are actually his personal visual narrative of the artistic path he has taken, on which he (as an average human) overcomes many obstacles, stresses, and fatigue. On the other hand, the depictions of imaginary mountain ranges – like most of his photographic cycles in which the human and the animal/plant, the living and the non-living intertwine – symbolize the search for symbiosis with nature. His process of creating mountain landscapes from stone fragments is diametrically opposed to human activity, constantly crushing rocks, digging tunnels and adapting the natural environment to its needs, which is symbolically hinted at by the title of the Echo cycle.

Roberto Kusterle

Slovenia / Italy @ Slovenia / Italy

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Roberto Kusterle, Landslide, 2018