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Renée Jacobs, Carolyn On The Horse, 2009

Courtesy: Alta Vista Arts

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My work comes from a deeply personal belief that women need to be seen, heard and valued in all our diverse, messy, joyful and imperfect glory. There is nothing more stunning than a woman in full possession and agency of her body, spirit, sensuality, mind and desires. I reject the headless, faceless presentation of women as divorced from their emotions, reduced to just a jumble of anonymous parts, without regard for our tremendous pride and power.

In the introduction to my latest book, “POLAROIDS,” French painter Gregory Forstner writes:

“A naked and young woman galloping bareback on a white horse. A blurry, sexualized, insolent image of freedom. The lunar light gives the whole picture a character that is both intimate and mythical. This is the first photograph by Renée Jacobs I had ever seen. An image that will never go out of fashion, a classical vision: animalistic, primitive and anachronistic, like all of Renée Jacobs’ photographs. She knows that eroticism does not exist without participation. Her work participates in its own way in an evolving and democratic approach to the plurality of female sexuality and desire.
Desire requires a context without which it would be neither visible nor livable. One of the strengths of Renée's photographs is that they open up a space from which the viewer is subject to the emotions of protagonists who are the actors of their own fantasies. Her models seem to state that the beauty of a vision is not necessary, but that it is free as the moment is offered rather than stolen.”

Renée Jacobs

Francia @ France

Renée Jacobs è una delle più celebri fotografe di nudo femminile del nostro tempo. Destinatario del prestigioso International Photography Award for Fine Art Nude, il suo lavoro è stato esposto e pubblicato in tutto il mondo.
Le monografie del suo lavoro includono Werkdruck (2012/Editions Galerie Vevais, a cura e con un'introduzione di Jock Sturges); PARIS di Renée Jacobs (2013/Edizioni Galerie Vevais) e Rêves de Femmes (2014/Edizioni Bessard). Il suo libro POLAROIDS e la seconda edizione di PARIS usciranno in autunno, in concomitanza con una mostra del suo lavoro accanto a Private Property di Helmut Newton a Barcellona.
Le riviste che hanno caratterizzato il lavoro di Renée includono Vanity Fair France, Elle Italia, L'Oeil de la Photographie, Playboy Italia, Silvershotz, Adore Noir, PH Magazine, Fine Art Photo, Nude Magazine, Photoicon, French Photo, B&W Magazine, Focus, Discarded Magazine, FHM Turchia e numerosi altri. È apparsa in numerose antologie, come Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography di Taschen.

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Renée Jacobs, Carolyn On The Horse, 2009