Artist, MIA Fair 2023 @ Photo Gallery Milano

Melissa Marcello, rituali, 2022

stampa fine art
fine art print
Dimensioni / Size: 30 x 40 cm
Edizione / Edition: 1\1
Prezzo / Price: 500


Melissa Marcello


Melissa Marcello was born in 1991 in Sanremo and lives between Milan and the Netherlands.
Marcello understands the importance of communicating art in a new way and is one of the forerunners of the union between the classical world of art and the ultra-modern one of social networks. She graduated in Communication, Media and Advertising at IULM University in Milan. After graduation, she followed the Master's Course in Art, Valorisation and Market, focusing on contemporary art. In this way, the artist combines her innate inspiration with profound technical competence.
led Marcello to define a new course in her professional life, in which artistic mediums mix and give life to unique creations.
This is how the UTPICTURA project was born: the photographic base loses the characteristic of a faithful reproduction of reality to acquire an emotional aspect, thanks to painting.
In 2020 the artist's second major project takes shape: Origini.
In 2022 she became a member of the Italian photographic collectives TIFF and Donne Fotografe.
Guest at MIA Photo Fair for the third consecutive year, in 2023 Melissa Marcello exhibits some works belonging to the Origini collections with a focus on Rituals

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Melissa Marcello, rituali, 2022