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Tsugumi Tanaka, Manazashi, .

Dimensioni / Size: 30x30cm
Edizione / Edition: 12
Prezzo / Price: €380

Tsugumi Tanaka

Japan @ Japan

A freelance photographer living in Niigata, Japan.
Her theme is to capture eternal moments in daily life, and she continues to photograph her daughter’s growth.
She focuses on the beauty and the transience of changing seasons, the colors that only appear at the time, and the daughter is fixed together inside the screen.
that is different from the skill-centered principle that is advancing in parallel with the Japanese camera industry.
The nostalgic original landscape of Japan asks again what Japan is and what photography is.

A girl standing quietly in a beautiful scenery of Japan, such as cherry blossom trees dyed in pink, snow-covered shrine, old-fashioned candy shop. The little child blends into the scenery, as if it were a part of nature, and the nostalgic, unique composition makes viewers amazed and fascinated.


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Tsugumi Tanaka, Manazashi, .