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Sepideh Salehi, Invisible Memories, 2020

Courtesy: Roya Khadjavi Projects

Fotografia e collage installati su pannello di legno con frottage su carta di gelso
Photography and collage installed on wood panel with frottage on mulberry paper
Dimensioni / Size: 24” x 30”
Edizione / Edition: Editions of 3 with 1 AP

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Sepideh Salehi

Maryland @ United States

Sepideh Salehi is a multidisciplinary artist born in Tehran. She left Iran to attend Accademia di
Belle Arti in Florence, Italy, where she received her MFA in Visual Art and Multimedia. Salehi
works in various media and utilizes different processes, including painting, drawing, printmaking,
photography, and other media. She weaves personal narrative and post-1979 Tehran cultural history into
her work, reflecting on how she, and other women, navigated the shifting social and political
landscapes. Some of the venues for her shows include, an exhibition of Iranian women artists titled A
Bridge Between You and Everything curated by Shirin Neshat at High Line Nine, NYC, Photo London,
Somerset House London, Mirrored Re-Collection at the University of Maryland Stamp Gallery,
REVEAL at The Space by Advocartsy LA, Patterning curated by Samantha Friedman at
Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, NY, STRAPPA Rogue Space Chelsea NY, Craft, and
Folk Art Museum LA, Tribeca Video Art NY, Centre for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci,
Virgiliano Museum and International Bologna Art Fair Italy. Salehi has been on a panel discussion
with Shirin Neshat, Middle East Institute, and had talks at the University of Maryland, Loyola
University, Pyramid Atlantic Center, and others. She currently lives and works between Washington
DC and New York.

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Sepideh Salehi, Invisible Memories, 2020