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Sennin Maya, Wing of hanger, 2014

Washi paper / Aluminum
Dimensioni / Size: 70x46cm
Edizione / Edition: 12

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Sennin Maya

Japan @ Japan摩耶仙人/

1974 Born in Osaka
1994 Graduated from Kyoto Science University

Self-portrait photographer and model.
In 2008, he began to create self-portraits of himself in ruins.
In order to hone his expression, he learns about being photographed as a subject, figure drawing model, dance, etc., and gradually approaches the world he wants to shoot.
Humans have a variety of emotions, which are most clearly expressed on the face, but also on the whole body. For example, our hands show anger and patience when we clench our fists, and calmness when we move our fingers softly.
The work “WIng of Hanger”, which looks like wings with overlapping hangers, won the Grand Prix at Real Portrait Nagoya 2015.


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Sennin Maya, Wing of hanger, 2014