Ronald Scliar Sasson, Chair Fluid Wood 1, 2020

Compensato di legno laminato (tecnica degli anni '50/'60). Legno laminato Guajuvira, originario del Rio Grande do Sul, Brasile.
Laminated wood plywood (technique from the 50s / 60s). Guajuvira wood laminate, originating from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
Dimensioni / Size: h.79 x prof.77 x seduta 61,5 cm. peso 22 kg
Edizione / Edition: 12

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Ronald Scliar Sasson

Brasile @ Brazil

Ronald Sasson is from Curitiba born 1967, since adolescence is already related to design, in the elaboration of experimental objects. At the age of 18 he moved to Paris, where he had contact with conceptual and neo-experimental art galleries, after a year in Paris, completely immersed in the plastic arts market, moved to Israel where he collected more information. Already in Brazil he worked as a plastic artist for more than 7 years, acquiring the seal of being selected for several art salons. Already at this time he began to immerse himself in the world of design in a self-taught way, he always sought a trait that merged his authorial artistic base with the industrial and replication possibilities, he has since obtained more than 26 international awards including 3 IF Design Award Germany, 4 German Design Award Nominee, 6 Good Design Award Chicago, 7 A’Design Award Italy, 1 Restaurant & Bar Award England also 1 the Design Prize of The Casa Vogue
Brazil 18 , and the Prize of the Museum of the Brazilian House.Exhibited at the Biennale di Venezia in 2018, Artgenève Montecarlo in 2017, NHOW Milan 2016 and the collective exhibitions , Frio and Marble . In Italy he is represented by the Paola Colombari Gallery which organized his personal exhibition in collaboration with Neia Paz in April 2018 at the Milan’s Furniture Fair. It will be present at Nomad St.Moritz 2020.


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Ronald Scliar Sasson, Chair Fluid Wood 1, 2020