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Robert Häusser, Frauenwohnheim/Women's dormitory at Stephanienufer, about 1952

Fine Art Print Baryt (Modern Print original-negativ)
Photography (analog)
Dimensioni / Size: 60x45 cm
Edizione / Edition: 15

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Robert Häusser

Germania @ Germany

"In 1946, I had unexpectedly become a farmer. And photography? When things got better for us again, I wanted to take photographs, but I didn't have any concrete ideas yet. I couldn't make any clear plans yet anyway, because it was now first of all a matter of survival."

Robert Häusser is one of the most important German photographers of the post-war period and the important representatives of Classic Modernism, who inspired many subsequent photographers, artists and people. As a person, however, Robert Häusser also tells a German story, recounting his experiences with National Socialism and the war, his time in the East Zone and his travels and numerous encounters with famous personalities, as well as his experiences in his adopted home of Mannheim.


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Robert Häusser, Frauenwohnheim/Women's dormitory at Stephanienufer, about 1952