Galleria Paola Colombari

Leo Capote, Sgabello Machado Au Au, 2016

Pezzo intagliato nel tronco d’albero e base con finitura in rame axesin / Piece carved tree trunk, base with axesin copper finish
Dimensioni / Size: 70x55x55 cm
Edizione / Edition: Opera unica, replicabile

Leo Capote

Brasile / Brazil

Born and raised in São Paulo downtown within a hardware store, Leo soon created intimacy with hammers, nails and screws that helped him transform absolutely any tool and object found in part of his private world inhabited by tennis shoes transformed into Jacks, bikes in sink, forks in picture frame, all manufactured directly by him.
Leo joins materials and explores shapes both experimentally and academically, always ensuring perfect ergonomics. Leo simply can not look at an object and accept that it is ready.
Everything at all is raw material. The order of use for the designer also does not seem right and the added value of the materials seems to change. Products industrialized and fully established within society. What for some are seocondary, for the designer are the stars. "Production Assistants"
such as nails, nuts, hammers and screws, earn their deserved status in the artist's work.
Their assemblages, use materials from beginning to end, in unconventional character with nontraditional techniques