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Katsu Ishida, Yura yura, 2014

Dimensioni / Size: 66x50cm
Edizione / Edition: 10

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Katsu Ishida

Japan @ Japan

Katsu Ishida was born in Osaka, He is a designer, painter and also a photographer. After successful fashion business, in 2010 he decided to devote himself to art. In a year he won eleven awards, and has been participated in numerous international exhibitions.
His works are often described as “Neo-Japo”. The style in which pursues real modern Japanese art, combining Japanese tradition and western contemporary.
One of his series “Yurayura” was selected for the 2010 Grand Prix and collected at Asago Museum (Hyogo,Japan). and also “Yurayura Moon” entered in the collection of Pope Francesco in 2019.
Yurayura can be translated as "waving". It represents the constant waving between the world in which we exist and humans. He feels the vibrations of the world, their screams, their lives, and reflects them on paper with a strong message. His original ink flows dramatically on the paper which is handmade in Himalaya mountain.


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Katsu Ishida, Yura yura, 2014