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ALMIN ZRNO, JANNIS KOUNELLIS Portrait and Documentation by ALMIN ZRNO (25), 2004

Stampa fine art, montato frontalmente su vetro da museo (o acrilico), montato su alluminio, con cornice / Fine art print, face-mounted to museum (or acrylic) glass, mounted on aluminium, framed
Dimensioni / Size: 160 x 116.1 cm
Edizione / Edition: Edition of 5

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Bosnia Herzegovina @ Bosnia and Herzegovina

Almin Zrno is widely recognized as one of the most
influential photographers from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Born in 1966 in Sarajevo, he early discovered his love for
photography and started exhibiting his artwork in number of
joint exhibitions organized in ex-Yugoslavia as a member of
photo-cine club CEDUS. He received his first award for the
best photograph at the age of 17. After the Bosnian war, he
continued to pursue his professional career, working mainly
in the field of journalistic photography, which resulted with
two awards for best published photograph awarded to Zrno
by the Association of Journalist of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In 2000, he became a member of the Association of Applied
Artists and Designers of Bosnia and Herzegovina
(ULUPUBiH). In 2003 he organized his first solo exhibition
“STAGE” at the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina and
slowly turned to other ways of expression, primarily nude
and portrait photography. In 2007 he obtained the status of
an independent prominent artist. He has organized twenty
solo exhibitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad and
participated in numerous joint exhibitions worldwide. He has
received seven prestigious Collegium Artisticum awards for
best photo design and published two monographs
“Vijećnica“ (2015) and „Apology of Eros“ (2018).


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ALMIN ZRNO, JANNIS KOUNELLIS Portrait and Documentation by ALMIN ZRNO (25), 2004