Artista, MIA Fair 2021 @ TOBE Gallery

Dora Kontha, Soulscapes I., 2020-2021

Courtesy: TOBE Gallery & Dora Kontha

Stampa a pigmenti d'archivio da Polaroid
Archival pigment ink print from Polaroid
Dimensioni / Size: 50 x 50 cm | 60 x 60 cm framed
Edizione / Edition: edizione 1/3
Prezzo / Price: 850 €*

The series Soulscapes explores the concept of alternative realities, the individual’s perception of the individual, and the abstractions of the environment. By visually exploring the impact of subjective memory on the physical world, fragile inner universes emerge where present and missing details complement each other. Through experimental photographic work, an emotion-based reality emerges that provides insight into how time and memory transform emotions by replacing human traits with only colours and shapes. Constant chemical changes can be observed as a kind of metamorphosis, just like the memory that changes over time, where the person in the picture gradually becomes more and more abstract. The resulting photos push the boundaries of instant photography through a variety of manual interventions. During the lengthy processes, various materials and fluids were injected between the layers of traditional polaroid photographs to create a kind of distorted, abstract universe that would become images of changing emotions and distant memories.

Dora Kontha

Ungheria @ Hungary

Dora Kontha’s work focuses on inner and outer landscapes involving various analogue processes and experimental techniques. While investigating the artistic and technical possibilities of film photography, her photographs evolve towards inner journeys, the visual translation of emotions and abstract representation of actual places. Dora’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries and featured in international publications


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Dora Kontha, Soulscapes I., 2020-2021