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Bibi Manavi, Memory of walnut trees, 2021

Courtesy: Roya Khadjavi Projects

Stampa fotografica a pigmenti
Photograph pigment print
Dimensioni / Size: 111 x 72 cm
Edizione / Edition: 3rd edition

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Bibi Manavi

Paris/ tehran @ France/ Iran

Bibi Manavi received her BA in fine arts from central Saints martins in London where she has exhibited her work numerous times since 2013. She exhibited her works in Paris at Jardin D’srtois 2016 and Galerie Nikki Dianna Marquardt 2010. Bibi’s work can be found in several private collections in France, UK, and Iran. Bibi’s Aesthetic is inspired by an itinerant existence between Iran and Europe.
Her work embodies a reflection on the cultural diversity of globalized world. Bibi’s interdisciplinary practice spreads across still and moving images, sculpture a drawing. She investigates the relationships between her different environment focusing on geometrics; Ancient Persian architectures become the patters of today’s visual culture.
Bibi Manavi’s sculptural and photographic series investigates the role of memory through the magnifying glass of dendrochronology in the time of ecological mutation: transformation of land, water diversion, deforestation. The sculptural panels draw from Iran’s mirror mosaic craft with biomorphic design at its core. Annual rings, microscopic cellular compositions taken from specific tree samples are enlarged but in varying scales and then recreated - each individual cell is represented by an individual mirror. These installations have a relationship with their surroundings, how one experiences these pieces is directly affected by their placement. The photographic research insitu of the panels captures the transformation of actual space into perpetual field mechanisms. Patterns form and dissolve, through a whirlwind of lights and reflections, underlying a festival of cellular connections. inside and outside dissolve into a liminal space. the space where memory takes shape.

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Bibi Manavi, Memory of walnut trees, 2021