Antonio Cagianelli, Seduta "Sfinge", 2020

Ceramiche colorate gialla, blu, rossa, bianca
yellow, blue, red and white colored ceramics
Dimensioni / Size: 55 x 60 x 60 cm
Edizione / Edition: 15 pieces for each color

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Antonio Cagianelli

Italia @ Italy

Come ha detto di lui Pierre Restany “Antonio Cagianelli é un poeta che ha scelto di esprimersi in forma tridimensionale “ e interpreta e trasfigura la realtà filtrandola attraverso la sua personalità di artista ribelle. I suoi mobili, oggetti e gioielli nascono da un attenta osservazione dei linguaggi della metropoli contemporanea che Antonio Cagianelli unisce al suo linguaggio personale rivolto verso tutto ciò che é insolito e iconoclasta. Antonio Cagianelli attraversa culture e linguaggi, suggestioni e memorie componendo un linguaggio “ Patchwork “ fatto di riferimenti alla culture Rap e Hip Hop ma anche alle “Vanitas” della pittura fiamminga, al surrealismo , alla filosofia nichilista ,alla letteratura underground. Collabora dal 1990 con la galleria parigina Clara Scremini e dal 1994 con la Galleria Paola Colombari di Milano. Ha collaborato con importanti industrie del
design come : Alessi, Abet Laminati, Daum France , Lampe Berger, Arcade. Ha partecipato
a numerose mostre internazionali e con la Galleria Paola Colombari ad alcune Fiere internazionali come PAD London – MiArt – Design Dubai Days – Nomad Venice . Vive tra Milano e Parigi.

As the critic Pierre Restany has remarked, Antonio Cagianelli is “a poet who has chosen a three-dimensionalmode of expression”. Through his creations he tells a story in which every single piece is like an episode or acharacter. His poetry is centered on vanity and the ephemeral. He systematically analyses the symbolic andallegorical figurative repertory of the old Flemish Masters “Vanitas” paintings, transferring it into threedimensions, turning each single element into objects central to everyday home life, and transforming it into awitness and a presence that permanently reminds us that we are only in this life for a brief moment. Thus, allnatural things which remind us of the vanity of this world are particularly dear to this designer. He crystallises
them into forms and matter, freezing their movement and arresting their evolution towards that inevitabledisappearance, at time zero when the ephemeral, suspended, will remain forever. It is an exorcism. Is it meant toexorcise death and the passage of time? Or to rebel against nature’s inexorable laws? Or is it against theconcept of life itself with its innate movement, passing, evolution and annullment? Clouds, sea foam, the wind, drops, flames, waves, soap bubbles, as well as reflections in a mirror and bones are recurring presences in thismetaphorical world. Ancient, classical metaphors living side by side with the new, modern ones such as shadows, graffiti on walls, tears, holidays...all half-way between magical elements from fables, urban rebellion
and surrealist influences. Cagianelli is currently working on transferring into his own three-dimensional creations the language of marginality and fragility of young metropolitan communities, hip hop and rap culture. He has also begun to apply his personal language to fashion. Antonio Cagianelli’s creations, such as the pieces produced in series for Alessi or Daum, unique Murano glass objects and installation art, evoke the unsettling atmosphere of Baudelaire’s Chants, Ciran’s nihilist writings, and David Lynch’s films with a lighter counterpoint inspired by pop
art and hip-hop. Definitely not “politically correct”, Antonio Cagianelli pursues his personal iconoclastic and provocative road in all of his designs (including furniture, jewellery, and art objects) and explores an unlimited range of materials. Born in Pisa, Italy in 1964, Antonio Cagianelli graduated from The Università di Architettura of Florence in 1989. He lives and works in Paris and Milan and collaborates with the Galleria Paola Colombari since 1994.


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Antonio Cagianelli, Seduta "Sfinge", 2020