Reasons for MIA&D FAIR

immagine 1MIA&D Fair is your partner in the development of your presence in the Art Market.


immagine 2Singapore is investing heavily in arts and culture, establishing itself as the central arts hub of the Asia Pacific Region.


immagine 3Singapore is a gateway and a key regional hub for international brands, luxury and lifestyle trends.


imm 4Singapore has an excellent infrastructure and vision for art attracting new talents and collectors.


immagine 5The first edition of MIA&D Fair Singapore will take place during the Singapore International Photography Festival, which plays a key role in advancing the art and the appreciation of photography&Design Art.

immagine 6Because Singapore has a central position in the steady economically growing Asian Pacific Area.


immagine 7Asians, and especially Singaporeans, enjoy global travelling and are keen collectors of international Arts.


immagine 8MIA&D Fair cultural program is envisioned to promote the cause of a well-informed Art-collecting.


immagine 9MIA&D Fair promotes encounters among all the players of the art system (artists, galleries, critics, publishers, foundations, collectors)

immagine 10MIA&D Fair combines on the same platform for the first time Photography & Design Art as expressions of a deep contemporary artistic research.


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